Trading Stocks & Options Course

This is just some of what you'll get as part of the course.

  • Section 1: Basic Training

    Basic training, that's not so basic! This section has three sub segments where we take you from what Day Trading is, getting started, stocks versus options, the value of community, building a strategy, testing it, testing with filters and so much more!

  • Section 2: Foundations

    Strong foundations are critical to build something that lasts a long time. With each section building on the next, the foundation section covers essentials such as: Traps of trading, building your filters, measuring your results, discipline and maintaining performance to name a few. It's literally where you start to build your skills, confidence and experience to be a successful Options Trader. 

  • Section 3: The Most Important Section

    The last section is "The Secret Sauce" that not just brings everything together, but digs down into key tactics and strategies that will set your trading apart from most other traders. With all three components learned and implemented you will have everything you need to trade better than the professionals.

  • Special Bonuses

    When you log in to your membership page, check out the bonus tab. It gives you access to various additional resources, including our very popular Daily Dozen e-Report, valued at over $500! Yours for FREE!


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