This course is the next step in your Stock Trading journey. In our signature "easy-to-learn" style we cover all of the essentials you will need. 


Section 1- Discusses subjects such as, simplifying your system, what it means to become an expert and expectation management.


Section 2 - Begins to get into some key areas, such as stock trading v's investing, trading methodology and handling the "news".


Section 3 - Steven and Allen dedicate to an absolute fundamental; trade logging and tracking


You'll find some bonus materials included in your membership and, if once you have completed the course you can set up a time with your coach to interview for your endorsement for "Genius Mode" eligibility.

Stock Trader Genius - Intermediate Course

  • Bonus 1: The Daily Dozen e-Report

    This easy to read, concise report gets sent straight to your email at the end of each trading day. The system generated data, highlights the most active stocks each day. A $500 value, yours FREE

  • Bonus 2: Bear Talk  - Part 1 & 2

    Learning on the go with Allen and Steven. These "Don't Miss" Podcasts are  packed with useful, and usable information relating to Bear Markets and how to make them work for you!


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